The name ShivYog has an in-depth meaning. Shiv does not refer just to Lord Shiva but the name Shiv is beyond the barriers of name and form. Shiv simply means infinite, which is also known with different names like God, Supreme, Universal Consciousness, etc. Yog means uniting or merging. So ShivYog means merging with the infinite or becoming one with God.

Babaji over a period of time with His deep life-long meditational practices has brought out into the world the practices that were dying with time. These were highly secretive practices that were practiced by great Siddhas or divine beings in earlier eras. Babaji desired to present these practices for the use of the common man with the intention that human beings make utmost use of these practices to make their lives fulfilling, complete, and thus making it possible to attain self-realization and attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Thus ShivYog manifested that soon became the practice of lakhs of people who attended the shivirs conducted by Babaji all over the globe in the past decade. Lakhs of people benefitted as they applied the teachings and practical meditation practices into their lives and transformed their lives with good health, prosperity, peace and contentment. All the practices taught by Babaji vary from basics to intensive advanced practices, which aim to purifying the self by working on clearing the impurities of karma accumulated in ignorance over lifetimes. Babaji says that one has to take responsibility for any life situation that one is in because the current situation is nothing but a result of one’s own earlier karma created earlier by ignorance. By practicing these methods of self-healing and self-purification along with other powerful daily practices of selfless service and chanting can bring in faster purification and thus faster spiritual growth. As one purifies one’s karmic influences better health, prosperity, abundance become more evident in one’s life that is the basic birthright of every human being. As one enjoys better prospects of life one while at the same time raising one’s consciousness, one grows spiritually and worldly developing a detached attitude to the spiritual and material gains that come his way and with time transcends above the limitations of the body and the laws of 3rd dimension. All this process and the further process of liberation from the karmic cycle of births and deaths happens while one follows the path shown by the Guru and remains connected with the infinite (Shiv) during the journey of life and finally merges (Yog) into the infinite or God consciousness. This process is ShivYog, a process very simplified by a living Siddha Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji.